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Achieving BCMS Certification (Part 2) – Step 1 and 2


These are the first 2 steps to be undertaken whenever an organization attempts to start its BCMS certification journey.

Step 1: Application to Be Certified

  • Look for Certification Bodies (CBs) that are accredited to certify organisations in the BCM standards, organizations, for example BSI, CI, DNV or LRQA. A word of caution as even some of these CBs i certain countries, may be be qualified to do the BCMS audit as they may have global capability but not at the local level.
  • During the application, there is a need to have an understanding of the scope of the BCMS. The CB will then create a proposal detailing the number of certification assessment days required and costs. The scope cannot be overly emphasized as this is often the caused of “mis-understanding” of what is expected by the auditors and the auditees.
  • If the proposed certification is within the CB’s scope of accreditation and the CB has an Audit Team that match the organization’s requirements, the CB will submit a quotation to the organization.
  • If the quotation is accepted by the auditee, the CB will agree on the dates and conduct the Stage 1 assessment.

Step 2: Pre-assessment

  • A pre-assessment may be conducted by the CB to provide a snapshot of readiness for the full assessment. The usual sampling techniques are used in this pre-assessment by the CB to confirm if the organization is ready. Do not attempt to use this pre-assessment as a test run as it is not meant to be a pre-audit by the CB.
  • During this pre-assessment, any areas of omission will be raised and an assessment of remedial work, should any be needed, would be made.
  • One of the key objectives is to ensure that the formal assessment will not be delayed if it is observed that the auditee’s organization would be unlikely meet the key elements of the audit.


  1. BCMPedia: Glossary for BCM Auditing
  2. A Manager’s Guide to Auditing and Reviewing your BCM Program
  3. A Manager’s Guide to BS25999 British Standard for BCM
  4. BCM-8590 BS 25999 BCM Lead Auditor Course
  5. BCM-8540 SS540 BCM Lead Auditor Course
  6. BCM-8040 SS540 BCM Internal Auditor Course

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    Dr Goh Moh Heng is the Managing Director of GMH Continuity Architects and President of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Institute.

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