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Achieving BCMS Certification Part 4 – Step 4 and 5


Step 4: Award of Certification

Upon successful completion of Stage 2 assessment, and if the organization has achieves the recommendation for certification body, this recommendation will be forwarded to the BS 25999/ SS540 Certification Manager of the Certification Body (CB) to conduct a final review and issuing of certificates. However, if the client fails the audit, a corrective action plan is usually agreed and a second audit arranged.

Step 5: Continuing Assessment

After Passing the Assessment

Upon gaining certification, a three-year plan for continuing certification will be supplied to the client, setting out areas to be sampled in future audits. This is because the certification lasts for three years and is supported by surveillance audits, usually every 12 months. After three years, a re-certification audit is required and the whole process starts again.

Certification and Beyond

Once the BCMS certificate is awarded, the CB will issue a certificate of registration, clearly explaining the scope of your management system. The next step for surveillance audits will be planned, typically at yearly intervals. These surveillance visits will examine the effectiveness of the BCMS, management reviews and audit, progress of continual improvement actions, and change review. A full re-assessment will also be carried out at longer intervals, usually 3 years although this will depend on both the organisation and the CB.


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  2. A Manager’s Guide to Auditing and Reviewing your BCM Program
  3. A Manager’s Guide to BS25999 British Standard for BCM
  4. BCM-8590 BS 25999 BCM Lead Auditor Course
  5. BCM-8540 SS540 BCM Lead Auditor Course
  6. BCM-8040 SS540 BCM Internal Auditor Course

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