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Mapping of BCM Planning Methodology with the ISO 22313 Elements in BC Program

Comparison of BCM Planning Methadology

Comparison of BCM Planning Methodology with ISO22313 Elements of BC Program

One key to implementing and managing your BC program is to understand that irregardless of whatever international or national BCM standard is adopted, as an BCM Implementer or Auditor, you should be able to adapt and to adopt a common approach without making major changes to your current BC program. The key is to use the BCM Planning Methodology as a common approach within your organization.

Having had the chance to write the Singapore BCM standard SS540, what I have learn is that most BCM standards are similar except that they tend to be written to look different from each other. However, the content is usually similar, especially the BC program elements.

In the ISO 22301 standard, this will not differ as the BCMS is mapped to its corresponding BCM planning methodology.

In the ISO 22301 Requirement document, the BC program element is highlight as the “DO” component of the PDCA cycle.  The details of the “DO” component is clearly highlighted as the BC program element in the ISO 22313 standard – guidance.

Finally, a comparison chart to mapped the BCM Planning Methodology (Top row in Blue color) to the elements of BC Program as spelled out in ISO 22313 (Left column in diagram colored in red ).  This is to help professionals mapped the ISO22313 elements into a formal planning methodology.

Author: moh_heng

Dr Goh Moh Heng is the Managing Director of GMH Continuity Architects and President of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Institute.

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