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WCC 2012: T-shaped Professionals for a Global Economy


Speaker for World Continuity Congress 2012 Singapore

T-shaped Professionals for a Global Economy

Selena Huynh, Deputy Director, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

At the World Continuity Congress 2012 in Singapore, she will be talking on topics in relate to how it is in today’s knowledge-based and global economy, when the successful professional is the one who is “T-shaped”.   She will also be explaining on how the T-shaped professional possesses not only deep domain competence in a specific function, ie vertical competencies, but also has the critical horizontal competencies that facilitate adaptability and flexibility to work across functions in today’s dynamic business environment.    With a vision to develop T-shaped professionals to support Singapore’s productivity and inclusive growth, Selena will share the ways that the Singapore Workforce Development Agency has developed and launched in creating the Business Management Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) competency framework to develop professionals, managers and executives.

The presentation will explore the need for the T-shaped professional, the government’s response to this need, the scope of the Business Management WSQ competency framework and the programmes available for organisations seeking to build their T-shaped capabilities.  With the assistance of WDA, BCM institute will be one of the first to launch WSQ competency based business continuity management (BCM) training in Asia.

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About the Speaker

Selena Huynh is the Deputy Director of Creative and Professional Services Division at the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).  She oversees initiatives for Professionals, Managers and Executives such as the development of T-shaped professionals through Business Management Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) programmes.

Selena brings with her more than 15 years’ experience in internal and external HR/OD consulting.  She has worked with clients from more than 30 industries to implement various performance improvement solutions as a Consultant with a management consultancy and served as a HR business partner in a higher educational institution in the capacity as Assistant Director of Human Resources.

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